Meet Draper Gray

Welcome! We are Jess and Grayson Stephens, a husband-wife team who are the photographers behind Draper Gray. We are visual storytellers. Striving to create painterly images that are beautiful, luminous and timeless, we want our photos to make you feel as much years from now as they do today. We seek to create honest, heart-stirring images, capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments with genuineness, artistry and emotion. Every couple has their own unique, one-of-a-kind love; we aim to capture your singular journey and document the narrative of your commitment, enduring love and happiness. 

Capturing your connection and allowing that connection to resonate through the camera for immortalization on film is the cornerstone of our work. We seek the genuine, joyful, intimate, romantic, soulful and nuanced moments of connection between you. You can trust us to guide you in bringing all of this through the lens and into heirloom moments for you and future generations to treasure. 

Philosophy of Art

Fine Art Film Photography

Our approach of fine art photography places design as paramount. Helmed by our vision, the images are more graphic and stylized while still very organic and narrative,.

We wholeheartedly strive to elicit emotion through our work, always seeking to balance the genuine and raw with the curated and composed. Our style of photography is a mix of stunning portraiture and honest documentation, aiming to make each image a standalone piece of art.

Why Film?

The difference is in the grain.

We love the luminous, beautiful, timeless qualities of film. There is no comparison when it comes to film's ethereal, dreamy characteristics, or its ability to capture light so magically. For us, film matches our vision and is such a large component of our aesthetic. We shoot primarily with medium format Contax 645 cameras and a vintage Canon 35mm.

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